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The Sacrifice Feast - Kurban Bayramı 24.09. - 27.09.2015


Uhrijuhla, Kurban Bayrami 2014Kurban Bayrami, Uhrijuhla 2014, Turkki


This year The Sacrifice Feast, Kurban Bayramı is held from the 24rd of September till the 27th of September 2015.

It is one of the oldest Islamic holidays in Turkey and it is based on the a story about Prophet Ibrahim, who showed his obedience to Allah to be even ready to sacrifice his one and only son.

During the Kurban Bayramı, families buy animals from the market areas and tradionally sacrifice these animals and they keep a one-third of it´s meat for themselves, share one-third to relatives and neighbours and give one-third to a poor family.  

The Sacrifice Feast is an official four-day holiday in Turkey, so administration offices, schools, post offices, pharmacies and banks are closed from Thursday afternoon till Sunday, during this period of 24.09.- 27.09.2015, also some markets and public transportations may have a special scheduled opening and working hours.

These pictures have been taken last year in CikcilliAlanya.


Uhrijuhla 2014, 4.10. - 7.10.2014Uhrijuhla, Kurban Bayrami 2014


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